Welcome to Proform Group Inc!

Proform is one of North America's leading Manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers of fuel tanks, air tanks, battery boxes and related assemblies to the commercial vehicle industry.

With two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities located in the United States, Proform efficiently serves our customers across the continent and proudly exceeds industry best practices and standards

At Proform, we don't just make tanks - we manufacture transformation

At Proform, We Like To Think We Are Everywhere. Any place a road travels, Proform is along for the ride. We're with your children as they make their way to school. We're with the delivery truck bringing vegetables to your grocer. And we're with the supply vehicle or MRAP personnel vehicle making its way over the rough terrain of a conflict region. But of course our products have to start somewhere. All Proform products begin their journey at one of our three ISO 9001 certified facilities. Located across the U.S. and in Mexico, our manufacturing and assembly plants quickly and efficiently serve our commercial and military vehicle customers throughout the northern Mexico and U.S. Regions.

Commercial trucks, school buses and military vehicles throughout the world have a piece of Proform built right in. Our customers know that Proform products – developed, produced and tested according to the highest standards – are the benchmark for excellence and reliability.

Diamond Supplier Award (2006-2010)

Navistar Diamond Supplier (2010)

At Proform Group Inc., we like what we do and pride ourselves in taking the time to help you solve your tank problems. You have access to live people who have the solutions for all of your tank related problems. Your satisfaction is very important to us.