A Little About Proform Inc.

Proform Group Inc.'s mission is to build and foster a prosperous, stable and long-lasting company that will continue to develop far beyond our generation. Through dynamic, cooperative leadership and management, we will ensure a legacy of success for all Proform Group Inc. stakeholders.

Commercial trucks, school buses and military vehicles throughout the world have a piece of Proform built right in. Our customers know that Proform products – developed, produced and tested according to the highest standards – are the benchmark for excellence and reliability.

Proform have two facilites located in the United States, one in Ohio and the other in Oklahoma.

The largest Proform Group Inc. manufacturing and assembly location boasts robotic and CNC MIG welding, seam and resistance welding, powder coatings, chemical etching and polishing capabilities. Stamping presses and rolling mill processes are also on site. Production includes fuel tanks and associated straps and supports, battery box components and fuel tank crash cages. Assembly of battery boxes, fuel tank straps, school bus tank modules and other complex assemblies rounds out the capabilities of our facilites.

Research: Defined as the systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions... We call it Continuous Improvement. It is the policy of Proform Group Inc. to provide dependable, high quality productions that will meet or exceed the expectations of our customers. We accomplish this through providing quality leadership to establish a sense of Unity among our employees. We provide training and team awarness to all employees (that includes planning and designing), so that they can carry out their work in a safely manner. All operations at Proform Group Inc. are carried out to minimize defects, pollution, and accidnets; for it is Proform's policy to comply will all applicable laws, regualations, policies, standards, and codes of practice related to the manufacturing of our products.